The industrial factory in Garching in the northern part of Deutchland. It was here Bloys discovered that Holland - though being an ok-noisy place - was nowhere near the constant rummeling in the neighbourcountry of Deutchland.

The famous radar at Innsbruch in Österreich. The radar is located in the vicinity of Gerz parental home, which gave the young rummeller the perfect opportunity to rummel at will. For this very reason he still visits his parents.

Reinhard von Schnitzel was born in a great forest in the northern part of Deutchland. His parents - being nature-doctors and ecologists made him live in the forest until the age of 13, which eventually brought him beyond sanity.

Nobody knows a lot of Dr. Algolaknikäeser, perhaps not even himself. He is the most insane member of the band. It is however known, that he travelled from his former home somewhere in Hannover to live in Aarhus in the sinister state of Dänemark where he wanted to study the the secrets of the black arts. Here we see his dorm during his experiments.

The very essence of rummelling. This picture is taken by a photographer who insists upon being anonymous - being reluctant to depart with life. It is taken at the very dorm at which Dr. Algolaknikäeser supposedly lives.

This is a fake. Many people see the joy and beauty of the rummelling and tries for themselves. This often has a disastrous result. For the untrained eye this looks ok, but it takes years of practice to obtain the needed finesse.

This is the cookingconsole of a real rummeller. The picture is taken in Bloys kitchen, where he never makes soup. Notice the pastel shaded canisters to the right. These are the instruments the gives the songs the characteristic rummeling effekt.

There is not a lot of pictures in exist of the infamous Gerz Höltich, and not much is known of his life. This is a coffeedispenser he made and gave away to Helmuth on his 120th birthday. It is rumoured to possess magic powers, and contain the inner self of Gerz. Noone has ever succeeded in deciphering the coffeedispenser.

This picture is taken in studio in which Radarrummel makes their music. Where this studio is located, no one accept the participants themselves knows. It is however pretty clear that it is situated deep within one of the vast deutch cities.

This is a picture taken from the satellite Dönner III, the bands own personal satellite. The purpose of this installation is unknown to the public, but it is clear that it is not at a legal purpose. The deutch intelligence service is very interested, but they have yet to discover any irregularities.

This is the drumming machine of the band. It is constructed in Garching in Deutchland by Bloys, who is the main rummeller of the band. Its abilities is not fully known. But as a means of rummelling it is powerful indeed.

This is a close-up of the very drumming section of the mighty machine. Bands like Metallica-band and U2 has been very interested in using the machine on several albums, but it is not possible to loan this peculiar invention, a fact that only increases the mystery and myth that surrounds the installation.