The Biography

The band was started at first by Reinhard and Bloys (the former being completely insane the latter only partially), at a mutual trip to Garching near München sometime during the winther of 1993 - the toughest winther in a hundred years. The two met already in early 1990 and a great friendship arose. Reinhard grew up in a parentally catastrophic environment - but together they were able to deflect the disastrous ecological impressions imposed by the parents of Reinhard. According to Bloys the ecological way of living was an undesired phenomenon invented by the powerful NGO's in order to control the vast masses of ignorant and naive yet voteentitled people of the earth causing accordingly increased ignorance and naiveté. Hence in the fall of 1995 the two friends - the inseperable brothers of difficult and twisted thought as they were called by their contemporaries - confronted the von Schnitzels with some ridicularities they were about to impose upon themselves, (an obviously embarrassing incident involving both highly toxic substances including massive amounts of sulfur and a decapitated hen) - a result of their advanced insanity - and subsequently returned to the ever important city of Garching. Here they met the young Gerz, who already had begun to rummel. The two friends saw this omen as an appropriate juncture to terminate lives the parents of von Schnitzel - so they did - and they accepted the eager yet very young Gerz into the band (a band which at that point had yet to make their first music).

Is this a psionic rummel pointer? Don't try any tricks now! (Bloys)

Together the three emitted so much radarlike rummel, that it left traces all over Europe. They travelled the world - the known civilized and urbanized world - which is to say: Deutchland. This extremely strong emission of rummel was detected by the insane magician and psionicist Dr. Algolaknikaeser of Hannover. He saw that this was his chance - so he presented himself to Reinhard in a dream of nightmarish proportions. Afraid though anxious he agreed - still in his dream - to meet with the Dr. They met, and Reinhard immediately saw that the man was a great personality, a great psionicist and that he was clearly insane - however at the art of rummelling he lacked all the details that make perfection. In the years to come this would change drasticly to the better for them all. Dr. Algolaknikaeser had already in the summer of 1993 moved his home to Aarhus in Dänemark - supposedly to study the black arts. Because of the geographical difference it has proven difficult for the band to make a lot of music.

The blue beard sees more than mere appearance! (Gerz)

During the late 2001 the band went on a tour starting in the impressive city of Garching in Deutchland that took them through all the major and minor cities of Deutchland, Holland and Dänemark. This rummel-intensive workout caused a massive awareness of the radarrummel in the affected area, after which the band at last began to compose music.

The shoe of Bloys. A Dutch shoe if there
ever was one. At this point Bloys has
accepted the fact that he though only
partially insane still has to wear shoes.